Two-Shaft Shredders

What is a Two-Shaft Shredder?

Two-shaft shredders are used for size reduction of most materials. The shredders utilize two counter rotating shafts with close tolerance cutters that shear products into strips of uniform widths. Shred width matches the thickness of the cutters. Hooks on the cutters help pull material into the cutters and limit the length of the shredded pieces.

The shafts of two-shaft shredders rotate at slow speeds, typically 15-35 rpm. Slower rotation requires greater gear reduction and provides greater torque yielding higher cutting force. Faster rotation allows for faster shredding but at the expense of cutting force. Proper motor sizing balances cutter force requirements with production requirements.

Why does BESA lead?

BESA two-shaft shredders are the most rugged available. Precision CNC laser cut and machined components provide exact tolerances and fit. State-of-the-art electrical controls provide full diagnostic features and larger shredder models include color touch screens.

Every BESA shredder is professionally sized for each application. Material type, resulting shred size, and production requirements determine the shredder’s cutter size, gear reduction plus motor size, and the size of the cutting chamber.

More than fourteen different standard models are available and customizations are made for unique applications.

Specification Range
Cutting Chamber 17” x 15” to 68" x 82" (380mm x 430mm to 1730mm x 2080mm)
Motor 10HP to 600HP (7.5kW to 450kW)
Drive Options Electric or Hydraulic, Single or Dual
Production 300lbs/hr to 50,000lbs/hr (135kgs/hr to 22,750kgs/hr)

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