Slider-Bed Conveyors

What is a Slider-Bed Conveyor?

Slider-bed conveyors are conveyors where the belt, the carrying surface, “slides” along a smooth bed. The belt handles the pull-loading and tracking functions so it is best used in applications where loading is not significant. For this reason, slider-bed conveyors are usually not bulk fed.

The belts of these conveyors can be smooth or cleated depending on the material being conveyed and the degree of incline. Head pulleys can be smooth or rubber-lagged. The type and diameter of the pulley depends on how much the belt must pull and the thickness of the belt. Tail pulleys can either be smooth or self-cleaning with ridges. Self-cleaning pulleys are used when small particles (fines) could get trapped under the belt.

The bed of this type of conveyor can be flat or troughed depending on the material being conveyed. Additionally the height of the sides of the conveyor (or skirts) will vary depending on the application.

These conveyors can run faster than conveyor types that utilize chains as part of their belting. Slider-bed conveyors are ideally utilized when there is light to moderate belt loading.

Slider-bed conveyor designs have a wide range of variable features that are application specific. Consultation should be made with the manufacturer to make sure design is appropriate for the application.

Why does BESA lead?

BESA slider-bed conveyors are precision made and rugged-duty. They are manufactured from high quality components made in the USA, allowing for spare parts to be readily available. All BESA conveyors are meant for industrial operations and are not “package handling” grade. The conveyors are perfectly designed to integrate with our equipment.

BESA’s team of experienced engineers also offer mechanical and electrical integration with your existing equipment. This includes custom hoppers and transitions to ensure that material is properly transferred between conveyors and equipment.

Let one of our experts work with you to identify the right conveyor for your application.