Idler Conveyors

What is an Idler Conveyor?

Idler conveyors utilize heavy rubber/PVC belting that rides on idler rollers rather than on a solid surface. This method reduces belt friction and prevents grit from building up under the belt to minimize belt wear.

This conveyor type is an excellent choice to handle material once it is shredded. Idlers can be configured to trough the belt which keep the conveyed material near the center of the belt.

Additional consideration is required to properly guard the idlers on both the top and return sides to protect plant personnel from potential pinch points for safe operation.

Why does BESA lead?

BESA idler conveyors utilize heavy-duty belting, frame sections, and supports. Frame sections are precision manufactured to provide proper tracking and ease of installation.

Provide a BESA expert your production requirements and have the perfect equipment built for your application.