Hammermill Shredders

What is a Hammermill Shredder?

Hammermill shredders are impact shredders. Hammers rotating at high velocities strike the material causing it to fragment upon contact. Material is struck many times until the desired size reduction is achieved and the shredded material can pass through holes in a fixed screen located under the cutters. The size of these screen holes controls the size of the shredded material.

Industrial hammermills are typically used when material density is too high to economically shred in low rpm shear-style shredders. Since these shredders fragment material, more fines will be created than other shredding methods and dust control is often required. Additionally, noise levels will be considerably higher than other methods due to the violent nature of the impact-shredding process.

The type of material, production, and shred-size requirements need to be considered when sizing a hammermill. Serviceability, maintenance and operational costs also need to be considered.

Why does BESA lead?

BESA hammermill shredders are designed specifically for the application being considered. Many hammermills are used as secondary shredders to provide additional size reduction or material separation. Eight different standard models are available as well as customization for your application.

All hammers are forged from special alloys. For many applications, the hammers are cast chromium manganese to provide the highest durability and longevity. Replaceable special alloy wear liners are in all areas of the shredder housing that may come in contact with shredded material. The body of each hammermill shredder is hinged to hydraulically open at the push of a button to provide quick and safe service access. Similarly, the screen of each hammermill is easily and safely removable on a hydraulically controlled sliding tray.

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