Four-Shaft Shredders

What is a Four-Shaft Shredder?

Four-shaft shredders are used for size reduction where the length and width of the shredded material needs to be controlled. Like two-shaft shredders, material is sheared between close-tolerance cutters located on counter rotating shafts. Material is primarily initially sheared by the two inside shafts and oversized material is recirculated by the outside two shafts until it has been reduced in size to the point where it can pass through the screen openings located in the screen positioned under the cutters.

The significant advantage of four-shaft shredders over two-shaft shredders is their ability to provide a consistent shred size as a result of the screen. The configuration of the four-shafts also promotes larger material passing through the cutters more quickly.

Why does BESA lead?

BESA four-shaft shredders are ruggedly precision manufactured to provide exact tolerances for maximum durability and maximum throughput with the least amount of energy consumed.

The largest precisely-ground hexagonal shafts are used which are manufactured out of special-alloy hardened steel. Likewise, precision-ground cutters are fabricated from special alloy steel and heat treated to provide the longest longevity.

There are seven different standard models and customization available for special applications.

Specification Range
Cutting Chamber 30” x 28” to 96" x 80" (760mm x 710mm to 2440mm x 2030mm)
Motor 30HP to 600HP (28kW to 450kW)
Production 400lbs/hr to 60,000lbs/hr (180kgs/hr to 27,200kgs/hr)

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