Industrial Cross-Cut Shredders

What is a Cross-Cut Shredder?

Industrial cross-cut shredders are configured for high-speed destruction of documents and storage media other than hard disk drives. Two-counter rotating shafts with special cutters shear material to fixed widths while points on the cutters control the lengths of the shredded pieces.

Document destruction demands have become more stringent over time. Many financial, legal, and medical companies no longer consider documents destroyed if they are merely shredded into stips. Specific not-to-exceed shred lengths and widths are required. High volume shredding that provides a maximum 5/16” wide x 2-½” long shred size is considered by most companies to be full document destruction. Options are available for even smaller sizes for special applications.

Why does BESA lead?

BESA cross-cut heavy-duty precision shredders utilize improved 2020s manufacturing technology and designs, as compared to the majority of the industry relying on designs based on 1970s or 1980s manufacturing methods. BESA shredders are manufactured using CNC milling and lasers providing exact tolerances, fit and finish.

The speed of the shredder's feed conveyor is timed to match the rotational speed of the cutters to provide maximum throughput.

BESA shredders have hexagonal shafts rather than round shafts utilizing keyways. Hexagonal shafts have much greater mechanical engagement area between the shaft and cutters than the round keyed shafts. This allows for the shafts to handle far more torque. This common sense shaft design is supported by most large, powerful two-shaft shredders utilizing hexagonal shafts.

Cutters are manufactured from specialized steel that was not available years ago and is hardened and precision ground to provide the best wear and strength available.

Twelve standard models are available based on production requirements and budget. Let one of our experts help you pick out the best model.

Specification Range
Cutting Assembly Width 16” to 36" (400mm to 920mm)
Motor 20HP to 100HP (15kW to 75kW)
Production 1tph to 4tph